Semi Automatic Box Strapping Machine

Economical choice for limited strapping usage, bottom seal semi automatic strapping machines now offers you a simple option to apply packaging load securement with low maintenance costs and ease of operation, designed for all general industrial applications. It is equipped traditional chain type cams transmission and close type frame unit to meet your demand.

Using polypropylene strap, this banding equipment which owns its aesthetic design and easy-to-operation characteristic is suitable for offices and shops. Manufactured in Taiwan, this semi-auto strapping machines provides you the best packaging experience.


Power Supply AC 220V, 240V(50 Hz) 1/4 HP
Strap Width 6, 9, 12, 15.5 (mm), (adjustable)
Tension Strength 15-50kgs.
Strapping Speed 2.0sec./strap
Min. Package Size 60mm
Max. Package Size Any size
Dimension 910x580x750xN.W.:100kgs
G.W. 120kgs.
Packing Size 956x626x842



  • Height can be adjusted
  • User-friendly operation
  • Efficient functionality


  • cartoon strap , paper