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By offering packing solutions
want to be leader of packing
industries within minimum
time frame with timely service
and quality product


Offering affordable and durable
packing machinery and packing
automation with the help of skill
employee and long experience
in field to reduce labour work
and improve packing in smarter
way as per customer application


We believe in treating you with the respect we give our co-workers, as a partner in solving your packing challenges. We believe in curiosity, self improvement, honesty, open communication and collaboration.

welcome to


We would like to introduce our company “EI MACHINERY PVT.LTD.” Ahmadabad (India), as leading manufacturer of end of line packing machinery and conveyor automation. Ei machinery is Group Company of elite industries (since 1967). We help consumer products companies reduce the packaging cost and societal impact of their product packaging while improving packaging appearance and maintaining product integrity. One of our recent clients switched from shrink wrap to overwrap and reduced both their electricity and material costs. Their payback was under one year. Our customers are able to more accurately predict total cost of ownership because of the significant reduction in after-market parts costs through the use of servo controls. They also enjoy higher speed and increased flexibility to change product sizes.

Our Products

Luggage Wrapping Machine
Tyre Wrapping Machine
Hose Pipe Wrapping Machine

Steel Coil Wrapping Machine With Ring Updown System

Steel Coil Wrapping Machine With Motorized Trolly and Ring Updown System

Pallet Wrapping Machine

Profile Wrapping Machine
Luggage Wrapping Machine
Luggage Wrapping Machine
Semi Automatic Reel Wrapping Machine
Semi Automatic Reel Wrapping Machine

Our Clients