Flat Drip Pipe Coil Outer Wrapping Machine

This wrapping machine can be used to wrap coil with various materials, such as laminated film or damp proof paper tape etc. After being wrapped, the products are good-looking, waterproof, dustproof, anti-rust, which are easy to transport and store.


Power Input:

  • Power supply voltage: 1Ph Ac 230V 50/60hz
  • Power: 2 KW
  • Turn Table  Motor: 0.5-1 hp
  • Pre stretch Motor: 0.5 hp


  • PLC : Logo Type
  • Drive: VFD (Delta)
  • Pre-stretch :Pre-stretch system up to 300%

Machine Detail

  • Body:  M.S. structure
  • Color: powder coating
  • Ring: M.S. structure
  • Size: 1.7*1.4*1.6 meters
  • Weight: 400Kgs Approx.

Product Details Output:

  • Coil Outer Diameter – Variable
  • Coil Width/Height – Variable
  • Coil Weight – Variable


  • Adjustable overlapping by motor drive.
  • Starting point need to pull of wrapping material manual
  • Manual cutting and holding of film.
  • Adjustable stretch ratio.
  • Vibration free operation.
  • PLC based operation for timing of wrapping, rotation.


  • Drip pipe indu